Why A School Should Have A Threat Assessment Program

Was there a threat that can endanger other students from someone that attends your private school? If you are unsure how to react to such a situation because it might not be a real threat, you should make changes. You might want to start a threat assessment program at your school that will be helpful in such situations. Take a look at this article to find out how a threat assessment program can be beneficial to your private school.

1. Threatening Behavior Can Be Monitored

One of the most important things to do when someone is suspected as being a threat to a school is to monitor his or her behavior. It is important for a professional to do the monitoring because the suspected person might become angry if he or she knows what is going on. You can then end up with the threat becoming a reality due to the suspect becoming angry. A professional can watch the behavior of the suspect to determine if he or she is actually a threat to the school. Students, teachers, and other staff members can be considered as threats to the school based on their behavior or words.

2. Counseling Can Be Done for the Suspected Person

If the person that is suspected of being a threat is found to have a probability of actually doing something bad, counseling can be provided. Sometimes people act out in threatening ways when they are holding something inside that they have never talked about. A threat assessment counselor, like San Francisco Psychiatric, will be able to talk to the individual to find out why he or she behaves or speaks in a threatening manner. The goal of the counselor will be to settle the situation in the most cordial manner possible. Helping the individual to make a positive change will not only be good for the school, but also for the entire community.

3. Legal Action Can Be Promptly Taken

When a suspected threatening person is at a high risk to the school, it is important for legal action to be taken. For instance, taking legal action does not mean that you have to call the police and get the person arrested. You can simply inform the proper authorities that they might need to investigate the suspected person. The authorities can then make an arrest based on what they found during the investigation. Dangerous threats should always be handled with a good plan in place.