How To Find A Job After You're Officially Licensed

Fresh from psychiatry school, you may feel ready to take on the mental health problems of the world. Unfortunately, that means, like everyone else, you have to find a job first. You could open your own practice, but since you are not yet established in your community as a psychiatrist, that may be very expensive and difficult to do. Instead, start with the following places, which may provide a springboard into a career until you have treated enough patients that you can open your own practice.

Psychiatry Recruitment Firms

Psychiatry recruitment firms are actually "temp-to-hire" companies that look for psychiatric doctors and staff to fill positions in your state. As a general rule they only look for jobs within your state as that is the only state in which most psychiatrists are licensed. However, if you are willing to work anywhere in the U.S. and are willing to complete additional practice licenses and licensure requirements, you may find a recruitment firm or two that hires out-of-state and/or provides out-of-state job information.

International Psychiatrist's Exchange Programs

Well, they are not technically called that, but these programs essentially are "psychiatric doctors without borders." You can trade places with other psychiatrists around the globe or go where such doctors are needed but lacking. It is an additional feather in your cap, gives you a greater world view of your career choice as it applies in other countries, and usually pays well.

Jobs with the State

County health departments and prisons frequently hire psychiatrists to work with the public and with inmates, respectively. You can apply through your state's job board. Usually, you have to take a test, produce a copy of your license, and fill out an application for employment for the jobs for which your state is currently recruiting. Because you are working for your state government, the pay is almost always really good and the benefits are even better.

Jobs with the Military

If you are not opposed to joining the military, you could gain some military experience and benefits while treating the minds of soldiers. Most of the soldiers you would treat would be stateside and possibly in a VA hospital, but psychiatrists in the military also serve on bases across the country. The one added benefit of this option is that if the military relocates you, they cover the costs of your license in any other state to which you are moved.

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