How To Help Your Troubled Marriage

Are you remembering your days as newlyweds? During that time you might have thought that marriage was all bliss and that you would never be in the list of couples who would even think of the word divorce. If you have hit bumpy roads in your married life, from making an assessment to going to marriage counseling, here are some ideas that might help you to regain the sweet relationship you once had. Let's take a closer look!

Make An Assessment -

Either by yourself or with your spouse, start asking yourself or yourselves, some questions that might be difficult to face. Remember that it's very important to be totally honest in your answers.

  • Do you have a strong desire to stay married?
  • Have you given your marriage the time it deserves?
  • Have you put your spouse at the top of your list of life's so-called obligations? For example, have you let work or community service take precedence in your life?

Things You Can Do Yourselves -

After answering those questions and others you might have, go forward with a plan to make your marriage a strong one. Work together to plan things that will bring vibrancy back into your relationship.

  • Think of new experiences you could share together. For example, think of doing volunteer work in a third-world country. Or, keep it closer to home and volunteer at a local community charity or church.
  • Consider taking a class together, say a language class. 

Consider Marriage Counseling -

If you have come to the realization that you cannot mend your marriage problems alone, consider finding marriage counseling services. Your ecclesiastic leader or even your family doctor will more than likely be able to recommend a marriage counselor that you can trust.

  • Help your spouse understand that there's no holding back.
  • The counselor won't be able to fully help you until you are both open and honest.
  • The marriage counselor has the training and the experience to know how to help you.
  • Be ready to complete homework that the counselor suggests.

Would you and your spouse consider keeping a journal together? If so, think of writing down things that you realize help you to get along better. Also, write down the things that you realize stand in your way of progressing toward a healthier relationship. Another idea is to use the journal to write each other letters that express love and appreciation.