Don't Adopt This Mindset When You Learn Your Teen Is Using Drugs

It can be quite a shock for parents to learn that their teenager is using drugs, especially if hard drugs appear to be the substance of choice. It's common to go through a variety of emotions, including denial and anger, but it's important to try to maintain a level head and think about how to respond. A smart response is to talk openly with your teen and encourage him or her to seek treatment. Getting treatment early on for an addiction can dramatically alter the course of the teen's life, so it's important that you push the teen toward treatment. Here are some mindsets that you shouldn't adopt in this situation.

Believing That It's Just A Phase

While it's true that some teens use drugs, and then clean up their act and never use drugs again, this certainly isn't always the case. Believing that your teen's drug use is just a phase and that he or she will get over it soon is a bad mindset to adopt. You might be tempted to see how your teen is doing in a few months' time and, if the drug use is still an issue, seek to push him or her into treatment then. Failing to act promptly, however, can result in the addiction worsening, as well as your teen's life potentially being threatened as a result of the drug use.

Believing That It's OK If It's Legal

Some parents have different reactions to learning that their teen is abusing prescription drugs compared to illegal drugs. For example, a parent may have a hard-line stance if his or her teen is using a drug such as cocaine or meth, but feel a little less concerned if the teen is using a prescription painkiller. The fact of the matter is that unless your child has been prescribed this drug by a doctor, he or she is breaking the law and potentially putting his or her life at risk. You shouldn't hesitate to try to get your teen into treatment if he or she has a problem with legal drugs.

Believing That You Survived Drug Addiction

Children of addicts have a risk of becoming addicts themselves, which may make some parents feel unconcerned about their teen's drug usage. You may think that because you did a few drugs in your younger days and lived to tell the tale, your child will follow a similar path. This, however, is a poor mindset to adopt. Not only are some drugs more potent today, but you ideally won't want your child to experience the struggles that you may have, as well as the opportunities that you potentially lost because of your addiction. This is definitely a time to talk about treatment.

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