Does Your Teen Need Opiod Treatment Before Leaving For College? What To Know

Drug dependency is a problem on the rise in teens across the nation, and opioid addiction is one of the fastest growing problems in teens today. If you feel that your teen has an addiction, and you are afraid to send them off to college, it's time to get medical help.

You want to find a facility that treats minors or patients like teens, and you will have to decide if outpatient or inpatient treatment is best. Here are a few things to know before you go:

The Withdrawal Period is Difficult for All

The withdrawal period will be a time where medical professionals cut them off the drug of their choice, and monitor their health while their body fights the addiction. This can result in vomiting, anger, shakes, irritation, violence, and more.

Most times the family cannot be with the addict while they are withdrawing, and getting past this phase can be a struggle for all. That's why it's best your child do this with the help of exceptional medical staff.

Medication May be Used

There are medications that are used to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. These can be incredibly helpful with not only getting the patient through the first stages of withdrawal, but helping them to wean off the drug that they were using for so long.

Talk with the physicians that could be treating your teen about what medication may be used to help your teen specifically, and what the side effects and addiction complications could arise. The better educated you are, the easier it will be to understand the process.

Outpatient Steps Are Crucial

Once you are able to get through the inpatient medical needs and treatment, the steps you take to get the teen through outpatient therapy is crucial. You have to make sure that not only are you helping, but that they are keeping up with the sessions and therapy or group support as needed. Talk with the staff about what they can do now, and what they can do once they are away at school.

If you know that your teen or young adult has a problem and they need to get some help before they are away at college and they have to get treatment to possibly save their life, don't hesitate. Find a facility that can help you get them off the drug of their choice, can get them healthy physically and mentally, and that can help your teen leave for school with confidence.

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