Counseling For Your Schizophrenia: What You Can Expect

If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, whether the diagnosis was recent or not, you may not yet have ever sought out counseling for your schizophrenia. However, counseling can be extremely beneficial when you are struggling with the ups and downs and ins and outs of schizophrenia. When you are thinking of going to counseling for the very first time, you might be nervous or apprehensive about it. To help remedy that, get to know some of what you can expect from counseling for schizophrenia. Then, you can feel better about the prospect and be more relaxed and calm for your first counseling appointment. 

Expect to Spend the First Session Answering Questions

The first session of counseling, no matter what mental health issues you struggle with, is essentially a question and answer session. Your counselor wants to get to know you and to know what kinds of things you have been dealing with in your life and with your mental health. 

As such, they will ask you questions about your past and your present, your symptoms, and your life and background in general. This helps your counselor get an overall picture of who you are and can help direct them towards what you need from counseling. 

Expect to Be Worn Out After Your First Few Sessions

Counseling is not just a breeze. It requires work and dedication. As you are getting used to going to counseling, expect to be tired after your sessions.

Being worn out after the first few counseling sessions you attend is completely normal. It happens to a lot of people. This just means that you are putting in the work and you are making progress already. So, don't get discouraged if you are worn out after your first few sessions in counseling. It will get better and you are doing well. 

Expect to Dive Deep into Your Thoughts and Behaviors

Once you and your counselor have gotten through the first few sessions, you should be prepared to do a deep dive into your thoughts and behaviors in counseling. You will start to learn some of the triggers for your unhealthy thoughts, such as those things that make you paranoid or otherwise cause you to break from reality. 

When you know those triggers, you can learn to cope with them in other ways and potentially prevent or shorten schizophrenic episodes. You will also learn about the connections between your thoughts and your behaviors so you can better learn to control both and recognize when your thought patterns are not making sense. 

With this knowledge of what to expect from counseling services for schizophrenia, you can go into your first counseling session feeling prepared and ready to face the challenges of counseling. Schedule your first appointment right away to get your adult counseling journey started.